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The first thing you need to know is that the Orbit Tower won’t be permanently opened up to the public for tours until the year 2014, after the Olympics venues have been transformed or removed for the legacy and the South Plaza is re-opened.

From the end of July 2012 however, up until after the Olympics and Paralympics, visitors will be able to access the structure including the viewing platform, although no facilities will be open there, so it’s just for the panoramic views across London’s skyline.

These tickets will cost £15 and £7 for children, Anish Kapoor announced on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, May 11th.

“This thing has to be paid for,” he told the BBC, “but there’s a push to keep that cost as low as possible.”

Access to the Orbit Tower can be obtained via an Olympic Park Ticket, without needing to have tickets for any of the Olympic Games themselves. So how do you buy Olympic Park tickets? These will be made available at the Olympic Park itself in Stratford, East London and bookable in advance though authorised websites.

Following the official preview in May, the Orbit enters a 10-week period of final fit-out and testing ahead of its opening to the Olympic crowds on 28 July 2012.

orbit tower ticket

Orbit Tower ticket

Olympic Park Tickets

Olympic Park tickets should be on sale for £10 for adults and £5 for young people and seniors. These tickets will not allow access to any sporting events within the Olympic Park, but will allow ticket holders to experience the atmosphere of the Park and watch sport on the big screens primarily in the first week before the Athletics start. Approximately 70,000 Olympic Park tickets will be available as part of this sale, with further tickets made available closer to the start of the Games.

Total Cost of Orbit Tower Tickets

So to sum up, if you want to climb the Orbit Tower during the London 2012 Olympics, you’ll need to either have acquired tickets for at least one of the sporting events, or buy a general ticket for the Olympic park for £10 adult, £5 child. THEN you have to buy the tickets for the Orbit Tower itself, at £15 for adults, £7 for children so if you are only interested in the sculpture and not the games, it’s still going to cost you at least £25 and £12 to ascend the tower.  Then once the games are over, you have to wait until Easter 2014 after the Olympic Park is reburbished to become a more urban Queen Elizabeth 2nd Park. The price of tickets for the Arcellor Mittal Orbit in 2014 has not yet been determined but Anish Kapoor, the Artist has stated he wants it to be “more democratic”.

London Orbit Tower Tickets FAQ

Some popular questions which have come up recently:

  • Can the general public visit the Olympic Park without a ticket?    No.
  • Can you go up the olympic tower with no ticket? No.
  • What is the red tower next to the olympic stadium?  The ArcellorMittal Orbit Tower
  • Can I just turn up and get an entry ticket to the olympic park or do I need to pre-book?  You need to pre-book online, but you can collect your tickets there.
  • Can you go out of the olympic park after going up the orbit?   Yes, you can go out. No you cant re-enter if you leave. Your ticket is for one entry, and you can’t leave and come back in again.
  • Do I need a separate ticket to stay in the olympic park after visiting the olympic stadium? No, stadium event tickets entitle you to be in the Park.
  • Can we apply for tickets to the orbit even if we only have tickets for athletics? Yes, because the athletics are in the Olympic Stadium which is in the Olympic Park. You cannot turn up with tickets for events outside the park though, like the beach volleyball, rowing or football and expect to get in to use your Orbit Tower tickets.
  • How close can you get to the orbit in london?  Right inside if you have tickets, during the Olympics and Paralympic games. Afterwards you’ll be able to see fairly close up from nearby such as the Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford Station and even nearer from some housing estates.
  • Is there a restaurant at the top of the Orbit Tower?  No.
  • Where’s my Games Travelcard? Orbit Tower ticket holders do not receive a Games Travelcard because they should already have one with the Olympic Park ticket they purchased for the same day.
  • Can I watch the big screens at the olympic stadium without a ticket? Not the ones inside the Olympic Park, but there are sites nearby in Newham and London where you can watch the games on a big screen and soak up the atmosphere for free.
  • Do olympic stadium tickets include access to the olympic park? Yes they do.
  • Do you need proof of ID to enter the olympic park? Not unless you are taking advantage of special age group concessions in which case you may be asked to produce photo ID to prove your age.
  • How early can I enter the olympic park? The Park opens daily at 7.00a.m.

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72 Responses to Orbit Tower Tickets

  1. Richard Taylor says:

    I have tickets for athletics and now want to purchase tickets for the Orbit on-line for the same date. I have tried every way possible to access an Orbit ticket purchase site but keep getting diverted to the main Olympic ticket site and there is no facility to purchase Orbit tickets on that site just information about the Orbit but no purchasing facility. I have just wasted 30 minutes trying different pages to no avail. It’s hopeless! Please help!

    • Richard, on the main Olympic Tickets site you can indeed find Orbit tickets but I admit it’s not at all obvious.
      After logging in, go to search events, then under “sport” select Orbit and try and find your date. Hope that helps

  2. B Pritchard says:

    Why is it going to take so long for the public to be able to visit? It’s not far from the road and surely this should be part of the immediate legacy of the games – encouraging more people to east London.

    I see that you’ll still be able to book it for corporate events – so one rule for the rich…..

    • I agree. The explanation given for not issuing orbit tower tickets to the public for the extended period between the Paralympic Games ending and the new ‘Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’ opening in 2013(ish) is that it will be in the middle of a building site. But this doesn’t preclude opening the Orbit for private events, as you say. Maybe they’ll be forced to rethink this one.

  3. Ashley Rawles says:

    I hear there’s a restaurant in the Orbit Tower, but can’t find out where to book – any ideas?

    • lela weavers says:

      How do I book at the restaurant at the Orbit – I have been trying to find a phone number but to no avail. Please help

  4. Duncan says:

    My Orbit tickets haven’t arrived yet for next Sunday 7 can’t find out where they are. Any body know who I can TALK to?

    • Tickets sent out by post normally arrive about 3-5 days after they have been posted, often sooner. There’s still plenty of time left before August 7th so try not to be anxious about it all, if you can. At the end of the day, if you have paid for tickets but for some reason not received then in time, if you can prove that you bought them ( print out the acknowledgement) and can show the credit card you bought them with, then they’re going to have to let you in.

      • Angela May says:

        We are leaving for London in five days and our orbit tickets STILL haven’t arrived! I’m very upset about this especially since I’ve paid £6 for secure delivery!!! What can I do?

        • Oh dear, that must be worrying. Five days is long enough not to panic yet though, thay could well turn up tomorrow, or the next day… If you do run out of time though, I would suggest you bring your proof of purchase and ID along with you and I’m sure you should be let in.

  5. Cecilia says:

    Any orbit tickets left for 4th August?

    • I’m afraid the current batch of tickets quickly sold out for both games, but some do reappear as people re-sell them on the LOCOG website so you might still be able to get one if you are lucky.

  6. Peter Nash says:

    I have athletics for the evening of Friday 10th August and Orbit tickets for 10:30am that same day. I know I have to be at the Orbit by 10:15am, but can get no sensible answer about what time I need to be at an entrance to Olympic Park in order to ensure being at the Orbit on time. Indeed, I cannot even seem to find out what time Olympic Park opens to ticket holders on that day. Help!

    • Leave plenty of time to travel to the Olympic park from wherever you are staying. London and the UK will be extremely busy. Try using the spectator journey planner to find the best route and, where necessary, book your travel to make sure you get to the Park on time. Ticket holders for events in and around London can use their Games Travelcard for travel in London zones 1-9. I don’t know how you intend to travel but details for the Thurrock Park and Ride say to allow 1 hour to travel from arrival at the Olympic Park to your event, so you need to get there for 09.30 and allow 1.5 hours to travel from the Park and Ride to the Park. “Please allow at least 90 minutes for your transfer to the Olympic Park. Please allow at least 1 hour from arrival at the Olympic Park to reach your event.”

      Is it possible that the Olympic Park never actually closes from one day to the next?

  7. Michael Rabin says:

    I am thoroughly fed up and disenchanted with the Olympic Website. It seems designed to frustrate rather than assist. I have been unable to get into my account or buy any tickets . I have requested a new password – nothing happens.
    The only way I could get tickets was through my wife who started opened a new account, but now she too is being prevented from getting on to her account because of password problems.

    I use my computer every day and NEVER have these problems with other providers. I shall not try again.

    • How frustrating Michael! I use my computer every day as well and what I’ve noticed is that sometimes when a big site has some kind of internal problem, or is just too busy to work properly, instead of saying “sorry, come back later” it just detects that you failed to manage to log in and puts out the only relevant message to login failure : “username and password combination incorrect” which is of course, maddeningly wrong! So if when you are trying to buy tickets anywhere, and you are pretty sure you did use the right password but get this message, rather than try to reset your password, try leaving it a while and coming back later. That’s the best I can offer in your unfortunate situation. Let’s hope the London 2012 ticket sales website manages to straighten out any kinks very quickly.

  8. Nicky Fairey says:

    I have tickets for the Paralympics on 7th September are we able to arrive early and wander around the park ? I would also like to take the family the orbit but there are no tickets available online for my date. Can you get tickets on the day you go ?

    • It’s my understanding that there are Paraympics tickets which entitle you to wander around the park all day and take in several different events. If you have one of these, it’s a good opportunity to visit the Orbit Tower too but you will need orbit tickets for the same date and if Sept 7th is sold out then you’ll just have to hope that some tickets reappear back on the market, which can happen on the LOCOG site.

  9. David C says:

    I have tickets for the hockey & orbit on Fri 3rd but now find that GB are playing hockey at the same time as we are due to go up the orbit.
    1st. Am I allowed to swop.
    2nd. Is there anyone out there who would like 8.30pm tickets instead of sometime earlier in the day?

  10. Edwin says:

    I am desperate to buy a pair of tickets for the 6th August but there aren’t any currently available. Are any likely to become available for me to buy?

  11. Stephanie says:

    Looking for Orbit tickets on Friday 3rd August in afternoon (I know chances are slim!). Do they just come on website as and when sold back (if at all)?

  12. Carol says:

    How rigidly are the times of the tickets enforced? If there is a gap between the end of the events I am watching and the time of my Orbit ticket, is it worth turning up at Orbit early? Will I be allowed up ahead of my official time?

    • Hi Carol. Since all of the time slots have been sold out in advance, you really do need to turn up on time i.e. not late. But if you have a bit of time to kill before your appointment it probably is worth trying to get in early. It all depends on how quickly people from earlier times are exiting the Orbit again, not that anybody is being hurried at all. The journey down the staircase is intended to allow you to take in the 360 degree views.

      • Carol says:

        Thanks very much. I’ll go along early and see how busy it is. I can always go away and come back at the right time.

  13. rachel thornton says:

    How do i purchase tickets for the orbit?

  14. Lloyd Stevens says:

    I’ve got tickets booked for 2 time slots, one after the other, will I be able to stay up there or will I have to come down and queue again? I really wanted 100m final tickets in the ballot, but missed out so I booked tickets to the orbit and plan to watch it from there!

    • That’s very enterprising of you Lloyd! The way I look at it, nobody can make you exit from the Orbit Tower if you have tickets covering the time period while you are there, of course not. Have a great time, you can see most of the 100m track including the start and the finish I believe.

  15. Gill says:

    Just wondering if I travel to London can I go into Olympic park to walk around and soak up the atmosphere or do I need a ticket? I yes where do I get a ticket as the website seems hopeless!! Any info grateful as we are traveling up on sat 11 th just for the day. Thank:-)

  16. Marie bell says:

    We have paralympics tickets for an athletics session and tickets for a swimming session but they overlap. Will we be able to watch part of one session and then go to the other one

    • Luck you! Yes, you can’t be in two places at once, but the main Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre are quite close together so you can nip across to the pool when you think it’s the best time to join the queue. Then spend the rest of the day enjoying the Olympic Park. Have a great time.

  17. Tina says:

    We have tickets for an evening Paralympic session on 8th September in the Olympic Stadium. Are we allowed to come into the Olympic Park a few hours before our session to just enjoy the park and soak up the atmosphere?

  18. Michelle Gollan says:

    Hi. I have tickets for the Orbit on Thursday. Our flight time is during the time we are seeing the hockey at the Riverside. Will we be able to come out of the Hockey and go back in once we have been on the Orbit?

    • Visitors guide for the riverside arena says you should arrive there 60 minutes before the start of the event and that there is no re-entry to the Olympic Park or the venue. Make sure you arrive at the Olympic Park much earlier than that, because there is airport style security at the entrance and queues to get through.

  19. Neil says:

    I am visiting the Olympic Stadium day session on Thursday 9th August and have noticed that occasionally some Orbit slots appear (albeit briefly) available for booking. If I am successful in booking an Orbit slot during the athletics session, will I be able to re-enter the Stadium after decending Orbit to continue watching the remainder of the session?

    • Hi Neil, the official line is that there is no re-entry either to the Park or to each of the event venues, so it’s probably best not to risk it unless you don’t mind taking the chance of missing the rest of your Stadium session in order to experience the Orbit Tower. Once you are successful in landing an Orbit slot however, there may be some leeway to shift the exact timing of it a little bit.

  20. Chris Reed says:

    Hi there – Due to various ticketmaster/website issues I’ve got 4 spare tickets for the Orbit tomorrow at 5pm. (I already took the family up a couple of days ago but had to book twice or not at all). Not sure if anyone on here wants them, or what Orbit Tower suggests I do with them? Feel free to message me chris at chrisandlin dot com if anyone fancies/anyone has any suggestions…

    • Chris Reed says:

      Sorry – just to clarify, they’re for 8 August at 5pm…

    • Chris, I’ll happily retweet your request again on twitter, within the next 20 mins. People do need to understand they’ll need to have access to the Olympic Park tomorrow before being able to take up your kind offer. I Hope it works out for somebody.

  21. Jaya says:

    We require 3 0rbit tickets at 0lpymic park on 9th Sept anytime after 1.30pm

  22. George says:

    This is my country and i think it’s a disgrace i cannot visit these games. I understand not everyone can get tickets in this country but i have looked forward to it for years. I remember seeing park tickets and available but presumed there would be unlimited tickets available seeing as there are no seats to be filled in the park etc so i didnt book then, now i can see they have all run out and i cannot even go to the park to soak up the atmosphere whereas people from all the over world can (nothing against that but the Olympic in your own country is a big deal). I can visit the game another year but it won’t be the same. Time to release more park tickets. Also, the fact you have to buy a park ticket to see the Orbit sucks. The orbit costs enough as it is.

    • Ayesha Uddin says:

      I completely agree. I wanted to take my children to the olympic park and it’s a shame that they can’t experience it. They are the next generation and I thought the motto is ‘inspiring a generation’, well have more tickets to the park so that the generation can be inspired by being in the heart of the olympics.

  23. Louise says:

    I would like to try and purchase tickets to go up the orbit. Does anyone know where I can get these from, I have 2 dates I will be in th olympic park, please advise

    • Hi Louise, there are no sales inside the park so the only place is the tickets.london2012 site. Put your dates in and see if the Orbit tickets are available for that day. If not, keep coming back and trying from time to time, sometimes they come up for resale. Good luck!

  24. Alessandro says:

    Hello I’ve bought tickets for the Orbit scheduled for tomorrow but I’ve justrealized that the basket game venue I am going to beforehand is not inside the olympic park. ca

  25. ravi chagalamarri says:

    i would like to visist olympic park tomorrow….is there any possibility to get tickets for a family of 4 members two adults and two kids

  26. patrick says:

    Hi, it took me ages to manage to get tickets to see an Olympic event. Finally got tickets to see the women’s bronze medal match on sat 11th Aug. Having watched a program showing the building of the basketball arena, I thought great, I wanted to go into the olympic park, to get the whole experience. Did not realise that the name north greenwich arena meant the 02, so not in the park at all! Which wouldn’t be a problem, except I then bought 2 tickets to go up the orbit tower, after the game. It isn’t as if I was not aware that I needed to have tickets to be able to enter the park, I read that and understood it. Just stupid marketing rules, threw me completely. I think that if you have an olympic ticket, you should be able to enter the olympic park on that same day. So before or after your event, you could prolong your olympic experience.

    • The Organising Committee were expecting huge traffic congestion problems in London so didn’t really want to encourage people to travel about from venues in one part of London to another just to take in all the sights on one day. The O2 had to be renamed because of the sponsoring brands embargo, but to be honest, we didn’t expect there to be so much confusion caused by Greenwich and Stratford being in different places.

  27. Alessandro says:

    Hello, I have booked two Orbit ticket for this evening in addition to two tickets for the basketball semi this afternoon. I’ve just found out that the venue is not the basketball arena but rather it’s in Greenwich. What can I do to enter in the olympic park? The website does not sells tickets. I also have tickets for the olympic stadium for saturday, can I change the Orbit schedule? Thank you!

  28. I can sympathise with people who have got themselves into a pickle by buying Orbit Tower tickets with events outside the Olympic park. Try and get additional tickets for the right place on the right day. If the best you can do is to turn up on the wrong day, well bring your unused orbit tickets with you, but no promises.

  29. Droid says:

    Could you let me know how close we can get to the Orbit Tower without a ticket?
    We have day passes for Olympic Park and are checking regularly to see if more Orbit tickets might become available. But I would like to walk around and under the structure, to at least have a close look, if we can’t get tickets to go up.


    • The fenced off area for ticket holders around the base of the Orbit is quite small, so you can get fairly close but not actually right underneath the giant trumpet which forms the entrance. This photo might give you an idea of the situation:

  30. Kamini says:

    I purchased 2 Orbit Tower tickets for the evening of 30th August,in the hope that I’d be able to get park tickets for anything at allon the same day,thinking I could always use the resale facility if I wasn’t successful.I have now realised that the resale facility closed months ago(despite my ticket confirmation email referring to it) and it’s illegal to sell on the tickets anywhere else! So I now have 2 tickets I can neither use or sell on.

    Any advice welcome….

    • Are you sure about the resale facility on the locog site being closed permanently? Anyway, keep checking for Paralympics tickets in the Olympic Park for 30th August. Also, if you follow @2012TicketAlert on twitter, they regularly post alerts when new tickets become available, which may save you some time checking.

  31. Helena says:

    I am visiting the Olympic Park on Friday 7 September. I am looking for 1 ticket for the Orbit at around 10am/10.30am. How can I get a ticket – I’ve looked on London 2012 website nearly every day….

  32. Claudette says:

    On 8th September, I have tickets for Paralympic athletics early in the morning and Orbit tickets for the evening. When I made the decision I looked everywhere for information on re-entry to the Olympic Park but couldn’t find any information anywhere. That is the search that led me here today! The problem is that I do not envision having the energy to last the whole day in the Park as I have significant health problems. Can I go home to rest in between? Otherwise, what is there to see / do in the Olympic Park for 7 hours – especially if it is raining.

    I would consider a swop of either stadium tickets or Orbit tickets on the 8th if anyone can help.!

    • Hi Claudette. because of the security checks in place at the entrances, re-entry is not really catered for. But the Olympic Park is enormous and has areas which are quite restful. There are meadows, riverside walks and covered seating areas as well as places where you can sit down and watch the sport action on the big screens. Sounds less tiring than making your way home and back again? Having said that, if the Orbit Tower queue looks very quiet at some point during the day, you could always ask to be admitted early. No promises, but worth a try.

      • Claudette says:

        Thanks for answering me – much better than LOCOG who didn’t bother at all! It all sounds nice but I am still not sure I can last 6 hours in the Park with my poor energy – and especially if it is raining! I was going to give up the tickets but I do really want to go up Orbit – and someone on another posting said that they asked and got in a little early.

  33. Anthony Clarke says:

    Does anyone know how soon can I enter the olympic park for an evening session.
    Can I enter during the day and stay for my evening session?

    Many Thanks

    • “Please only purchase a ticket for the Orbit if you already have an Olympic Park ticket or a ticket for a sport session in the Olympic Park on the day you wish to visit the Orbit.” suggests that an evening sport session ticket should get you into the Olympic Park during any part of the day, but note you cannot go out and re-enter. We are just trying to confirm this for you.

  34. David Brown says:

    I have visited all the Orbit related websites with a view to purchasing tickets, if available. However, I cannot find a link to enable me to review ticket availabilty. Where is it please? Surely it should be simple to find?


  35. Sana Ali Khan says:


    I have tickets for 3rd September morning session athletics at the Olympic stadium. Am I allowed to go around the park on this ticket? before or after my session? I could not get a day pass so opted for these tickets. I would like to be able to go around :-)

  36. Adrian Cole says:

    I think that the Orbit is great; it is just a shame that LOCOG / Tickemaster are controlloing the access to the tickets to *your* show. Two points in particular;
    1. during the olympics the orbit was empty – but we and everyone else was refused access to an empty Orbit even though we were on the site.
    2. the F5 key on my keyboard is worn smooth through over-use. I have been lucky enough to get a ground ticket for the Paralympics; but LOCOG / Ticketmaster refuse to list any orbit tickets.
    My suggestion is that the Orbit should be a ‘walk-up’ event for everyone, just stand in line and wait – like the new cable car at Greenwich. The three people who have been lucky and actually received Orbit tickets can simply be allowed to ‘queue-jump’. Simples!! I bet that a walk-up Orbit would turn a profit inside three months – it is brilliant; but in-accessible to mere mortals.

  37. Sarah says:

    Do you know if there are likely to be any tickets released for the orbit for tomorrow evening 1st September?

  38. Anita says:

    I have tickets for the swimming at 9:30 tomorrow (6th) but I also have to collect my tickets for the orbit. Do I have to collect these from the ticket office before I enter Olympic Park for the swimming event or does the orbit have it own ticket collection facility inside the park so that I can collect them later?

  39. Kaye Cochrane says:

    We are making a stopover in London as we wanted to experience Orbit, and were first disappointed that it would be a no-go, and then pleased to hear that it would be open for bus access. There seems to be no information anywhere on the London Olympics site about this change, nor are any tickets available. Now that the Paralympics have finished, will there be another place to buy tickets?

  40. steven says:

    Can I access the Orbit Tower after the Olympics an d Paralymp? because i will visit london on 21 Sept 2012.
    if the answer is yes, where can i buy the ticket?
    how muct of the ticket?

  41. Pritesh Pate says:

    Dear Sir/Mem

    I want to have ticket of orbit tower for 20th Sep.2012, could you please guide me what to do and how to buy!!


    • Sorry, there are no Orbit Tower tickets available since the Olympics and Paralympics ended. The Olympic Park is closed for rebuilding and will reopen in phases, with the South Plaza containing the Orbit due to reopen in 2014. There may be special trips inside part of the park including the Orbit available from December 2012 however.

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