The Orbit Tower Viewing Platform from Below

Viewing the The Orbit Tower Platform from Below, or looking at the Orbit Tower viewing platform as it is taking shape.

Inside the Olympic Site - 18th October 2011

Inside the Olympic Site Р18th October 2011, originally uploaded by Andy Wilkes.

You can see the two storey construction taking shape nicely on top of the largest and expanding funnel shaped steel rings. When finished, the Orbit Tower will contain two indoor viewing platforms on two levels, with each level having the capacity for 150 people, so that makes 300 people in total who could be standing looking out over the Olympic stadium, plus a number of others on the way up or down via the stairs and lift.

The tower is expected to be able to cope with visitor numbers of 700 people per hour, and there are also possible plans to use part of the top of the tower as a restaurant according to London Mayor Boris Johnstone “We think we will be amply recouped after Games-time from the proceeds of renting out a very attractive dining facility at the top.It will be a corporate money-making venture.”

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