Orbit Tower to Stay Open with Free Trips for Schools

The Olympic Orbit Tower Plans to Stay Open

We have great news for all fans of the ArcelorMittal Orbit and anybody who didn’t get the chance to climb the olympic Orbit Tower!

In an exciting development planned recently and released to the public via an interview in The Independent, the Orbit Tower sculpture and viewing platform in the Olympic Park is all set to stay open during the long rebuilding phase, contrary to what had been previously anticipated.

Overwhelming demand from the public to see the Olympic Park and Orbit Tower, especially amongst those disappointed by not getting the tickets they wanted, has made the Legacy organisation think again.

Orbit Tower to Open During Rebuilding Olympic Park

Orbit Tower to Open During Rebuilding of Olympic Park. Photo: Sean O’Neill

Originally, the Orbit Tower would have had to remain shut until the South Plaza part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park reopens in 2014, six months after the northern opened  on the anniversary of the 2012  Olympic games and Paralympics.

Daniel Moylan, chair of the London Legacy Development Corporation said:

We plan to have access to the Orbit Tower.  It would be by bus, and you would have to pre-book, as it will be a building site. But I think it would be tremendously advantageous if we could get local people in, partly because it would be an interesting experience, and partly because they would get a good view of what is going on. They’d see that there really is activity behind the hoardings.

Free Trips for Schools

The Legacy spokesman wouldn’t say how much these trips through the building site to view the Orbit Tower might cost the public in terms of ticket prices but appeared to have made a commitment to invite local school groups for free according to the Independent


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