Does Mo Farah Get Two Special Postage Stamps?

The Royal Mail are issuing special commemorative edition postage stamps to celebrate each of Great Britain’s Olympic gold medal winners.  So with a haul of 28 gold medals so far for team GB does this mean one commemorative stamp for each gold medal event, or one stamp for each winning GB athlete? More specifically, after winning both the 10,000 meters and now the 5,000 meters as well in the athletics stadium, does Mo Farah get two stamps or just the one?

The answer is two, and here they are:

Mo Farah's Stamp Olympics 10k Track

Mo Farah’s Stamp for the 10k

Mo Farah Stamp - Olympics 5k Track

Mo Farah’s Stamp for the 5k

Now where are Mo’s two golden post boxes, somewhere in the host borough of Newham?

Red Post Box to be painted Gold for Mo Farah

One red post box waiting to be painted gold for Mo Farah

Special Stamps for all Paralympics medal winners?

But perhaps a more important question for the Post Office though, is why are they not intending to issue special stamps for each of the Paralympics winners? The official explanation is “it is logistically and practically impossible for Royal Mail to produce an individual stamp for every one of the gold medallists for ParalympicsGB.”

Instead they will issue just six stamps to cover all Paralympics gold medal winners.

Update Wednesday 15th August for Paralympics Gold Medal Winners Stamps

Royal Mail today caved in to pressure and made the following announcement on twitter:

end update

Mo Farah’s Two Golden Post Boxes

The locations of Mo’s two gold painted post boxes have been established as one in Isleworth and one in Teddington.

The first golden post box for Mo was painted in Isleworth at 477 London Road. He attended Isleworth & Syon School.

The latest gold post box is in Teddington, on the corner of Teddington High Street and North Lane,  near Sweatshop where he used to work.


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