The 3D Virtual Orbit Tower on Google Earth and Streetview

Readers from the other side of the globe who don’t hope to visit the actual Orbit Tower any time soon may be interested in the facility to explore a detailed 3D model on Google Earth.

Damien R McBarron @DamoGEmodeller is the 3D modeller responsible for this remarkable graphical representation:

Start from Damien’s entry on Google SketchUp over here:

Click on ‘Download Model’ and select Google Earth option 18mb then double click the downloaded file to open up Google Earth automatically at East London in the Olympic Park, location of the Orbit Tower. The first view of the red tower is probably just a flattened mashed up fuzzy cardboard cutout view, almost unrecognisable on the map-like surface so this is what you have to do to get to the 3D model:

Click on the panels icon

Panel icon & Orbit Tower

Panel icon & Orbit Tower


In the Layer Section (bottom-left in the Sidbar) just tick ‘3D buildings’

 3D buildings to see Orbit Tower

Tick 3D buildings to see Orbit Tower

Now you can explore the Orbit Tower from every angle in 3D using mouse or trackpad motions in combination with holding the shift key down and dragging the pointer to change  the viewing angle as if flying over the top of the Orbit and looping the loop!

3D Orbit Tower & Stadium on Google Earth

3D Orbit Tower & Stadium on Google Earth

The other 3d buildings in the Olympic Park which can be explored nearby are the Olympic Stadium, The Aquatics Centre, Westfield Avenue Bridge,  various houses and buildings and also the Basketball Arena.

You can also explore Google Streetview photography from the outside of the Olympic Park taken towards the end of the construction phase

olympic park stratford - Google Streetview

Orbit Tower in the Olympic Park Stratford on Google Streetview


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