The Yorkshire Olympics Medal Table

Update with Final Yorkshire Medals Table – Sunday 12th August

Well the final results of all the Olympic events are in and the Yorkshire Olympians have done very well indeed with a total of  11 medals comprising a magnificent 7 gold medals, 2 silver and 2 bronze. Australia managed to creep above Yorkshire however, with more silver medals, but Yorkshire as a county still fared better than many a proud sporting nation including sprint champions Jamaica, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and well, 67 other Nations. So well done to Luke Campbell, Nicola Adams, Lizzie Armistead, Jonathan and Alastair Brownlee, Ed Clancy, Kath Copeland, Jessica Ennis, Tom Ransley, Andrew Triggs-Hodge and Nicola Wilson. Yorkshire heroes every one of them.

The main effect of treating Yorkshire as a separate entity however, is to move the Rest of Great Britain down from 3rd position in the medals table, to fourth behind the Russian Federation.

Final Yorkshire Medals Table

Final Yorkshire Medals Table

Of course there is always another way of looking at it, so here is the Final Olympics Medal Table also without a unified GB team, but rather than seperating out constituents, the entire EU is presented as one entry, which makes the European Union the winner of the 2012 Olympic Games with 92 gold, 104 silver, 110 bronze medals making a total of 306 medals in all, way above both the United States and China.

European Union Medals Table

European Union Medals Table


— end of update for final Yorkshire medals table

update from Saturday 11th:

7 Gold medals for Yorkshire

Luke Campbell’s victory in the boxing final brings the grand total of Yorkshire gold medals to a magnificent SEVEN. With two silver medals, this leaves Yorkshire in 11th position after Italy and Australia who have 6 and 16 silver medals  respectively, and are both also on 7 golds.

— end update

Original post from 5th August plus the full list of Yorkshire Olympians now follows:

Team GB are doing great of course, nothing should detract from that but it’s very interesting indeed to take a look at Yorkshire’s position in the Olympic Medal Table this morning, Sunday 5th August 2012, nearly half way through the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Yorkshire Olympic Medal Table

Yorkshire in the Olympic Medal Table 5/8/2012

updated 7/8/2012 below:

updated Yorkshire Medals Table

updated Yorkshire Medals Table

The position of Yorkshire updated for the start of Tuesday 7th August is now a very respectable 10th in the overal Olympics Medals Tabel with 4 Golds, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze making 10 medals altogether and high hopes of more to come as the Yorkshire boxers and cyclists go into the finals today with high hopes of improving the position.

Doctors have identified a new malady dubbed ‘Australian Thumb’ thought to be caused by repeatedly scrolling down to see the country’s tally in the medals table.

end of update

What a day we had yesterday, Olympic Super Saturday when Jessica Ennis – the face of London 2012 – won the Women’s Heptathlon Gold for Yorkshire!

Then there’s Ed Clancy cycling for an individual Yorkshire Gold in the first Omnium competition where he is currently placed in a good position at 4th, after having helped the Yorkshire men’s cycling team to win several medals already. He already won a Gold medal as a team member in the 4kilometre

Nicola Wilson from Northallerton, Yorkshire has already returned home with her silver medal won with her horse Opposition Buzz  in the team eventing at the Olympic equestrian competition.

It all totals up to a magnificent placement of Yorkshire standing at 7th in the Olympic medal table, no mean achievement  as stated by Nasser Hussein in the cricket commentary earlier.

Here’s the full list of Yorkshire Olympians competing at London 2012:

Name                                  Event              Yorkshire Provenance     Medals

NICOLA ADAMS             Boxing               Leeds                                      GOLD
First ever women’s boxing Olympic gold medalist, Nicola  attributes the success of Yorkshire in the olympics to the puddings.

LIZZIE ARMITSTEAD  Road Cycling,   Otley                                       SILVER
women’s road race

SARAH BARROW          Diving,              Leeds

ALICIA BLAGG   Synchronised Diving  Wakefield

RACHEL BRAGG            Volleyball,       York

ALISTAIR BROWNLEE  Triathlon,      Leeds                                     GOLD

JONATHAN BROWNLEE   Triathlon,  Leeds                                    BRONZE

RICHARD BUCK             4x400m Relay  born York

LUKE CAMPBELL              Boxing,          Hull                                         GOLD!!!

EDWARD CLANCY               Cycling Track,  Huddersfield born          GOLD + BRONZE
cycling’s men’s team pursuit + Omnium

KATHERINE COPELAND   Rowing,      Stokesley                                GOLD
women’s lightweight double sculls

PAUL DRINKHALL        Table Tennis,    Loftus, Cleveland

JESSICA ENNIS                     Athletics,      Sheffield                             GOLD

ELEANOR FAULKNER   Swimming,      Sheffield

DEBBIE FLOOD                  Rowing,          Harrogate born

REBECCA GALLANTREE   Diving,        City of Leeds Club

PAUL GOODISON                 Sailing,         Rotherham born

JOANNE JACKSON        Swimming,        Northallerton born

JACK LAUGHER               Diving,              Ripon

FRAN LEIGHTON           Water Polo        Rotherham

BARRY MIDDLETON   Hocky Captain    Doncaster

AMY OLIVER                     Archery,            Mexborough

KIERAN O’MALLEY      Volleyball           Halifax

JOANNA PARKER          Table Tennis,     Rotherham

BEN PIPES                          Volleyball,         Hull

TOM RANSLEY                  Rowing,             York City Rowing Club    BRONZE
men’s eights

NICK ROBINSON-BAKER   Diving,         Sheffield

JOSEPH ROEBUCK           Swimming,      Rotherham born

HUSAYN ROSOWSKY        Fencing,        Sheffield born

ADAM SCHOLEFIELD       Water Polo    Leeds

ELIZABETH SIMMONDS   Swimming, Beverley born

HANNAH STARLING           Diving,         Leeds

SARAH STEVENSON           Taekwondo, Doncaster born

CHRIS TOMLINSON             Athletics,      Middlesbrough

ANDREW TRIGGS-HODGE  Rowing      Hebden                   GOLD
coxless four

REBECCA TURNER            Swimming,     Rotherham

MATTHEW WELLS               Rowing,        Bradford born

JOHN WHITTAKER     horse jumping     Huddersfield

AIMEE WILLMOTT        Swimming,         Middlesborough born

ALASTAIR WILSON          Hockey                 Sheffield

NICOLA WILSON    Equestrian Eventing, Northallerton               SILVER


Yorkshire Olympic Flag

Yorkshire Olympic Flag

Yorkshire Gold, Silver and Bronze medals results have been added as they occur, with the event details for each Yorkshire athlete competitor.

Yorkshires Gold Silver + Bronze Olympic Medals

Just some of Yorkshire’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic Medals from London 2012

Oh, and by the way – The Olympic Cauldron was built in Tockwith, North Yorkshire all 16 tons and 204 copper petals of it, one for each of the other countries taking part in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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31 Responses to The Yorkshire Olympics Medal Table

  1. Andrew Hards says:

    Ermm… four gold medals on the list (one of which one isn’t even decided yet) and you’ve got Yorkshire having five in the table.

    • Surely the one Gold medal that hasn’t been decided yet – Ed Clancy for the Omnium cycle event – will make six?

      • Dr says:

        I still only see four in the list currently.

        Anyway, that’s less relevant than the fact that you’re counting individual medals for Yorkshire, and event medals for everyone else. Totally meaningless comparison. If you want this to mean anything at all, a better way to calculate it would be:

        Jessica Ennis – 1 Gold
        Katherine Copeland – 0.5 Gold (1 member of a double)
        Edward Clancy – 0.25 Gold (1 member of a team of four)

        For a total of 1.75 golds, putting you in 19th place.

        • Individuals do get medals as well as teams. And even 19th, which is a terrible misundercalculation in my book, would still be way ahead of California, New South Wales, Toronto and Chongqing Province!

  2. Sarah says:

    my only question – if Yorkshire have 5 how can GB have 14 – medals shouldn’t appear twice in the table?

  3. alyson baker says:

    ..surely th Yorkshire medals should be subtracted from the GB total….if so we are above the rest of GB…

    • Andrew Hards says:

      3 from 15 means GB have 12 and Yorkshire have 3 (only just more than Australia). And that’s if you take off a whole medal for the cycling gold that Clancy won, despite the fact that 3 of the 4 cyclists are not from Yorkshire. And a whole gold for Copeland despite her being only half of a winning team.

  4. AE says:

    There’s also Fran Leighton (Rotherham) and Adam Scholefield (Leeds) who play water polo

    • Thanks very much AE for supplying two vital missing pieces to the jigsaw here. The Yorkshire Medal Table just needs a few more bits of data about the rest of the Silver and Bronze medal winners from Yorkshire now, I think.

  5. Tod says:

    Ffs, people from Yorkshire really can’t do maths, can they?

  6. Pingback: Yorkshire brewery’s Olympic Medal Pursuit |

  7. Dr says:

    I’m aware that individuals get medals as well as teams, obviously. My point is that your calculation to place Yorkshire 7th is hopelessly inaccurate, since it calculates Yorkshire on the basis of individual medals, and everybody else on the basis of event medals. You’re not comparing like with like, so it’s meaningless.

    But yes, if you did compare like with like, and use the most tenuous links to define as many athletes as possible as being from Yorkshire, then ‘Yorkshire’ might beat some countries. Well done.

  8. Andrew Hards says:

    Sadly, we can scratch another one of those medals off the list – Clancy *only* won a bronze in the Omnium. Still better than Australia though…

  9. Great to see all the hard work we did compiling the Yorkshire Olympians list being put to good use! Always good to get a link back

  10. Who do we think are the best hopes for further additions to the Yorkshire medal table?
    No extra pressure on Alastair and Johnathan, but The Leeds based Brownlee Brothers are hopefuls in the men’s cycling triathlon in Hyde Park on Tuesday August 7th.
    Who else?

  11. Tom says:

    I think some people are taking this a bit too seriously (Aussies making whine from sour grapes again?) Of course Yorkshire is a proud part of GB and is a full part of team GB’s success, send this table to your Aussie mates and watch them go green & gold with envy.

    If they complain simply point out that the first Pom in oz was captain Cook who was a Yorkshireman, and an East Yorkshireman at that, and just sit back and enjoy the fun.

  12. Siobhan Brennan says:

    Yes, Hockey captain Barry Middleton is from Doncaster, also on the men’s hockey team is Alastair Wilson from Sheffield.

  13. Paul says:

    Is their a special reason why the Yorkshire Olympic Flag is an upside down Yorkshire flag?. I understood the standard Yorkshire flag is normally two leafs and a petal to the top.

    • An Antipodean anomoly. I’d like to have claimed it was first flown in Sydney 2008, but in truth it’s more to do with Forward planning. The Yorkshire Olympic Flag is optimised for the games in Rio de Janiro, 2016

  14. Sarah says:

    The lack of irony in some of these responses are worrying.

    • Mr B says:

      No no Sarah, I really think Orbit Tower should be out there checking birth certificates before making such proposterous claims with such far reaching consequences.

  15. Jeff Plum says:

    Is Olympic Trolling an individual or team event?

  16. Jim Spinner says:

    ALICIA BLAGG Diving Wakefield ?????????????

  17. john lawler says:

    love the pun, whine from sour grapes

  18. anon says:

    Whitaker won gold in the team horsejumping equestrian malarkey. He’s from Huddersfield.

  19. Eebygum says:

    Capn Cook was from NORTH riding of Yorkshire, and was not the first pom in Oz (William Dampier from Zomerzet was).
    The Yorkshire flag dates from the 1960’s and had nothing to do with the Olympics, designed for Yorkshire Ridings society.

  20. martin bates says:

    Introduce whippet racing as an Olympic sport. We’d win that as well!

  21. Eebygum says:

    As for the Yorkshire flag being upside down, thats the way the East Riding fly it.

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