The Lego Orbit Tower, Stadium and Aquatics Centre

Lego Orbit Tower

Is it possible to make The Orbit Tower out of Lego?  Why yes it is!

Lego Olympic Stadium and Orbit Tower

Lego Olympic Stadium and Orbit Tower

But the Orbit is a spectacularly  irregular structure with wildly varying curves, rings and loops, how can you possibly make that out of lego bricks? Well the answer it seems is to make use of the pieces more commonly used for hoses or vehicle cages and axles (in Lego  Technic). But how do find those lego pieces in the orbit colour red?

The Olympic Stadium on the other hand, is much more suited to being built in Lego, as long as you start off with a big enough plan to allow the gentle curves to blend in, unlike the Aquatics Centre1 which has a beautifully curved double arched roof that is just a travesty to reproduce as a blocky miniature!

Lego Orbit Tower, Olympic Stadium + Aquatics Centre

Lego Orbit Tower, Olympic Stadium + Aquatics Centre

This model isn’t on a very big scale, like one in a Legoland theme park or anything like that, it’s actually part of the children’s area for the space that the Danish have taken over for three weeks during the games. What the model Olympic park shows in its own way, is that even extremely irregular and curved building such as the Orbit and Aquatics Centre can be attempted with the usual assortment of rectangular bricks. Ok, you do need the special tube pieces for the Orbit, but it’s possible these are also available if you know where to look.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the Lego Olympic Stadium being constructed in just 57 seconds

Where to see the Lego Orbit Tower – IMAGINATION

The Lego Olympic Park complete with a lego Orbit Tower, Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre is currently on show in St Katherine Docks, near Tower Bridge as part of the Danish House venue – IMAGINATION


LEGO bricks are known and loved by children and adults throughout the world, thanks to its ingenious simplicity and the endless imaginative possibilities. The LEGO bricks have been named Toy of the Century by the Association of British Toy Dealers and Fortune Magazine in the US.

Here’s another Olympic Stadium in Lego, an opened up cross section in a larger scale, on show in the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford:

Olympic Stadium in Lego - Westfield

Olympic Stadium in Lego – at Westfield

We all love Lego, but if you wanted to make a nice looking, scaled down version of the Orbit Tower for yourself, what materials would you use instead?

More about the Lego Model Olympic Park at IMAGINATION

Warren Elsmore who bills himself as a “freelance Lego artist” designed the Lego model of the Olympic Stadium, Orbit Tower, Aquatics centre and Olympic park. It consists of roughly a quarter of a million (250,000) Lego pieces. The overal construction weighs between 170 and 180 pounds and cost about £19,000 to build. The Artist spent around 300 hours over a three full working week period designing and building the model.

There are some specialised Lego mini-figures in the model. These minifigures showcased in the front of the model are, given the artist’s nationality, the Great Britain team athlete minifigures, which were released for the Olympic Games by Lego. The figures include a horse back rider, a swimmer and a gymnast.

Warren Elsmore said

I was commissioned by the LEGO group and visit Denmark to celebrate the London Olympic games and to create something truly spectacular to promote one of Denmark’s’ biggest exports. The model will be available for sale after the event at a price only slightly above the amount spent on Lego bricks: US$31,000 – about £20,000

  1. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid []
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