The Largest Sculpture in the UK

The Orbit Tower is acclaimed as Britain’s largest sculpture,  since it isn’t by any means the tallest structure in London or anywhere else. No, that would now be the Shard at London Bridge, which at 1016 feet or 310 metres is the tallest building in the EU. The next tallest in London is then ‘Canary Wharf’ or One Canada Square followed by a whole series of sky scrapers and a few other structures such as the London Eye before you get to the Orbit Tower at number 33 according to

Most of these though, while being interesting examples of architectural bravado would not claim to be sculpture though. On the other hand, the Orbit Tower is a sculpture with a working lift, viewing platforms and spiral staircase, so that’s not usual for pure art. It has a function as a visitor experience and possibly refreshment centre as well, which makes it a kind of hybrid structure; part sculpture, part tower.

What lends credence to the concept of the Orbit as sculpture is the recognition that the Artist Anish Kapoor is an internationally renowned sculptor who works with very large installations.

The previous largest sculpture in the UK before the Orbit Tower for example, was another of Anish Kapoor’s – ‘Temenos’ which can be found at Middlesborough, near the moving bridge.

Temenos by Anish Kapoor

image by iLike

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