Orbit Tower Tickets Go On Sale But…

Orbit Tower Tickets are now available for sale from the official London 2012 Olympic site but there is an important warning which needs to be carefully understood, see video:

The main point made in the video is that the Orbit Tower Tickets themselves have gone on sale before the tickets for the Olympic Park are available,m and you can’t get in to one without the other, unless you have tickets for one of the Olympic sporting events such as the Archery, Women’s Table Tennis, Athletics Basketball or Velodrome events.

Also, the dates for Paralympics Orbit Tower access are now available.

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6 Responses to Orbit Tower Tickets Go On Sale But…

  1. Visarts says:

    You should have clicked on the Paralympic
    Tab. Then you will see that tha day tickets have been available or a while!

    • Excellent news. So let’s get this right, if you go to the London 2012 Olympics site and click on the Paralympics tab, somewhere, then you can buy an Olympic Park ticket for some date in September, then go back and get an Orbit Ticket for the same date and that’s all there is to it, yes?

  2. Robert Crapnell says:

    Will tickets for the Orbit Tower be available after the Olympics & if so how much
    will they cost?
    With kind regards,
    R. Crapnell.

    • Not immediately, no. The Orbit Tower has been opened for the Olympics and Paralympic Games but the Olympic Park in which the Orbit is located, will then be closed for an extended period before reopening in 2013, with some parts not due until 2014. What the exact cost of Orbit Tower tickets will be then, has yet to be finalised.

  3. Neil Plimmer says:

    we are visiting London now and wish to visit and go up the Orbit tomorrow or in the next few days i.e. between the Olympics and Paralympics. Is this possible? If so how do we book tickets?

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