The View From the Shard – Reviewed

February 2013 and the View From The Shard is now open, London’s tallest high view visitor attraction.

On a clear day: The View From the Shard

The View from The Shard opens on Friday and having caught a preview of it earlier in the month, it is worth a look… Even if it is a snowy day… And visibility is poor… There is still a gee whiz excitement about looking down from the London landmark. There is something light and delicate about The Shard that makes it intriguing and not just another tall building.

read the full review at  Paul in London: On a clear day: The View From the Shard.

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The View from The Shard - Theatre Breaks Magazine - Omega Holidays-1

The View from The Shard – Theatre Breaks Magazine – Omega Holidays-1

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When It’s Foggy Up Here…

The views from the observation platform near the top of the Orbit can be truly panoramic on a clear day. But when a blanket of fog descends over East London, well you might as well be standing at ground zero in the middle of Wanstead Flats.

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Another Model of the Orbit Tower

A trio of pictures of the architectural model of the Orbit Tower which is proudly displayed at the reception desk on the 7th floor inside the ArcelorMittal UK headquarters in London’s prestigious Mayfair district. ArcellorMittal is the name of the international steel and mining company which sponsored the large part of the construction project costs and from whom the full name “The Arcellormittal Orbit” is derived.

Unlike earlier architectural models, this one shows the enclosed grey/sliver spiral staircase just as it was realistically built, whereas the earliest artists impressions showed an all red structure. This detailed model shows everything almost exactly to scale except for the many flange plates through which the bolts were inserted to connect each section of the steel lattice rings together.

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Heron Tower Restaurant for High Rise Dining

The Heron Tower is the square blocky one opposite Liverpool Street Station at the Bishopsgate exit. The one with the extra mast sticking up from one corner to make it even taller. Well did you know there’s a restaurant up there that you can book and then enjoy the views from the 40th floor while eating breakfast or lunch?

The restaurant is called “Duck and Waffle”, which sounds a bit like the old noun/verb pun – “duck or grouse” seen on low beams in pubs. But Duck and Waffle is actually a menu item, and a breakfast menu item at that.

duck ‘n’ waffle : crispy duck leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup / £13

Another item reads: smoked trotter-braised beans on toast, bacon jam, and the rest of the menu is similarly creatively themed.

The Heron Tower under construction

The Heron Tower under construction

But the main attraction is always going to be the opportunity to take a lift up to the 40th floor and enjoy ultra high rise dining with views over the City of London. Ever since the Pst Office Tower revolving restaurant in what is now the BT tower closed, Londoners and vistors have been intrigued by the idea of sitting at a table and looking down on the city from a great height. Maybe its something to do with out evolution from tall forest-dwelling primates, or our facination with air travel and space exploration, but attaining a sufficient height to tower down over the surroundings seems to be an almost instinctive ambition.

One day there may be a restaurant at the top of the Orbit Tower, and there will be several up at the Shard next year probably, but the one you can go ahead and book right now is the Duck and Waffle resturant in the Heron Tower.

The Duck and Waffle – 110 Bishopsgate, Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

A new restaurant on the 40th Floor of the Heron Tower in London’s Square Mile.

I really like the idea of going there for the panoramic views but the interior also looks bright and open, and the cuisine is called “The best of British comfort food” which strikes a certain chord.

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Views From The Orbit Tower

From all the photos which have been submitted after the Orbit Tower was open to visitors during the Olympics and Paralympics, today we are featuring a set which comprehensively captures most of the entire experience in pictures. There are views of the orbit approach, the short queue underneath the trumpet of the sculpture, the viewing platform, many views of the Olympic park from various compass points, from the staircase on the way down and much more.

All photo credits and copywright to Frankie Roberto


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